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Photographing and documenting weddings is my thing. I love working with people and capturing the energy around all different aspects of the day.

Our first meeting is going to be super casual and it's usually over a coffee at a nice cafe where I get to congratulate you both and go over your wedding details. From there we look at locking in a date for your engagement session and further communications regarding the final wedding details regarding logistics and the days shot list.

The type of people who choose to work with me have come across my commercial work, are usually referred by word of mouth or through a friend, and my clientele love and respect the value of quality documentary photography and portraiture. Working with you on the portraiture is my favourite part of the day and my clients generally dedicate anywhere from 1.5hrs - 2hrs after the ceremony at golden hour to capture and create some beautiful portraits of you together as a married couple for the first time.

I have two packages available, for further details around what I offer please fill out the enquiry form below or send me an email.