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You're here because you love your family and you value the ability to capture the realness of what you have because you understand exactly how fleeting these moments truly are. What I do is document a day in your life, a snapshot of your lifestyle as a family, along with some portraiture & video. 

I don't regret many things, however one thing I do reflect upon is being the person behind the lens. My family has plenty of portraits and moments captured and documented by me, however I am neither to be seen in almost all of them.

If I could tell me past self anything, it would be to find a photographer that you connect with, who's work means something to you and then invest the time & energy to have them work with you and your family, because one day that crowded kitchen bench, piles of kids laundry, tiny hair clips and crowds of little shoes by the door quickly become sentiments of the past.

What I do is not for everyone and I don't try to make it for everyone. The people who find me and who value what I do don't want the normal "studio" family portraits and that's ok. The people who find me are sentimental creatives themselves, they appreciate different perspectives, they are open minded and they enjoy the homely surrounds of their local community and friendship circles.

What you can expect when you work with me is a real one on one conversation about what you want, because what you want is generally going to be within the realms of what I like to create. I work with you to document real moments in your home or on location somewhere special-or both.

I spend up to half a day (4-6hours) with you and your tribe and our time is structured to take on documenting the candid and directing the portraits. The actual process on the day is a candid narrative of visuals documenting your lifestyle either in the home space or doing something together like adventuring on a bush walk or going to your favourite cafe and the directed portrait session takes place on location outside where we can utilise the warm feelings from golden hour in the late afternoon. I also record moving image and you will also receive a short video of our time together, along with a slideshow. The digital photographs and video are stylised and professionally edited to emulate a tactile film look and feel which compliments the paper stock which they are printed on.

You will receive an online gallery featuring all of the photographs which you can share with family and friends, a vimeo link to the home movie and all of the web ready images, video file and slideshow which is neatly packaged for you on a bespoke USB. You receive all of the web files and vimeo link to share on social media or on your blog or website and with the option to own quality lifetime prints or work with me to create a bespoke family album.


Jackielyn is a Professional Photographer and studied Photography & Digital Imaging at CATC and is an emerging member of Australian Institute of Professional Photography Australia (AIPPA).