A: I completed a Diploma in Digital Imaging & Visual Communication at CATC Design School Sydney in 2016 and I'm an emerging member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Australia (AIPPA).


Q: Have you always photographed weddings?

A: Nope, I also photograph food, chef's and restaurants. I have worked with Smudge Publishing on Flavours of Sydney, The Urban List Sydney with their web content and my street style fashion work has been published in The Collective Magazine and Marie Claire. 


Q: Have your weddings been published?

A: My wedding work has been published in Bride To Be Magazine and featured on Polka Dot Bride. 


Q. have you always been a photographer?

A: Nope. My first degree was in business and I worked in Advertising and PR. After starting a family and relocating back to the Central Coast I completed my studies in teaching which lead me to a brief but fun and successful career as a primary school teacher before establishing myself with photography.


q. what equipment do you use?

A: I work with two Canon 5D Mark III body's and a range of prime lenses. I also have my own studio lighting, paper rolls and soft boxes.


q. do you have a studio?

A: I have a small natural light studio which I use for my Mama & Me sessions & some small business portraiture sessions. Most of my work is on location at your venue, home or event.


Q. WHo are your assistants?

A: I have a select handful of wedding and commercial photographers who I work with depending on availability.


Q. do you travel for work?

A: Yes I do. Extra costs include

  • airfares or petrol

  • baggage

  • accommodation

  • parking or a rental car

  • per diem $30 a day for means on travel and non event days


Q: Who organises the travel stuff?

A: If you would like to organise the flights and accommodation I kindly ask that you send me the information ahead of time so that I can approve things like the flight times, transfers etc. However if you are happy for me to organise this stuff I can include the cost in your quote and invoice.


q: can we moodboard our wedding/session with you via pinterest?

A: Yes, setting up a private pinterest board between us is a great way to make sure we are on the same page with regards to poses you'd like to try and general creative direction. With any visual collaboration it's really important to make sure that we click, which is why I also encourage you to check out my work to ensure that my photographic style and direction is suitable for you before we are contracted to work together. My galleries and commercial work can be found by clicking here.

bookings & payment

Q. do you meet your wedding clients before booking them?

A: Yes, it's a great opportunity to talk about your story, hear about your plans and I get to ask you a thousand and one questions about everything. If we can't meet in person at a cafe a Skype meeting is just as good.


Q: how do i secure our wedding date with you?

A: To receive your date I require a 30% non refundable booking fee, however the "non-refundable" part is taken case by case. Complete the form at the end of the page to get the ball rolling.


q. our wedding date has changed, what happens to our booking fee?

A: The booking fee is non-refundable and you will need to repay a booking fee, again this is taken case by case. Also if the rates change from the original date to the new date, new rates will apply.


q. i'm a small business how do i secure a session with you?

A: After discussing what you require, availability and turn around time, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to lock in your shoot day. Should the date change an additional non refundable deposit will be required however it is also taken case by case.


Q. Can i pay via scheduled payment plan?

A: Absolutely. Your deposit must be paid in full and the remaining payments can be paid quarterly so long as we have discussed the schedule and it is clearly itemised on the transaction payment. Full payment must be deposited and cleared at least two weeks prior to the event/shoot date. 


q. do you accept credit card payments?

A: All payments are required via direct deposit additional processing fees will apply if paying via credit card.


on the day

Q. What will you wear?

A: I generally wear something that a guest would wear but that will also allow me to do the job without fussing over my outfit. Sometimes it's a nice plain short sleeved, knee length dress or nice pants and a collared shirt and I'm always in flats; either boots or nice sandals. I get my hair done and my make up on too.


Q. What happens if your camera malfunctions?

A: I always go to a wedding or session with two camera bodies and multiples of pretty much everything else needed for the day/session.

after our time together

Q: When will we receive our photographs?

A: Within 4-6 weeks of your wedding day. For small business within 5-10 business days of your session, if you require them within 4 business days an express fee of $550 applies.


Q: can we just have the raw files?

A: Unprocessed RAW files are generally not delivered to the client, unless you are a commercial client with an editing team who will be able to work with RAW files to which additional fees may be applied.


Q: do you deliver every single photograph you take?

A: You will receive on average 30-50 photographs per hour for weddings and for small business we will generally be working within the realms of a pre-determined shot list agreed upon prior to the shoot date.


Q: What if we lose our digital images?

A: Your images are archived for one year after the event/shoot date. However some circumstances outside of my control may mean that I am not able to guarantee file availability of compatibility. There is also an administrative fee of $100 for additional downloads once the images have been archived. I always suggest keeping multiple copies of your images on external hard drives and cloud systems.