To understand my work you need to know a little bit about my story...

I have always believed in love at first sight but I didn't believe that it would happen to me. Like most life changing things that occur,  my destiny was paved within a split second. To know more about me you need to know more about Matty and about us. He is the one. He is heart warming, abundant with generosity, he exudes boundless kindness and has the type of smile which makes your heart sing. He is unconditional. When we first met, I didn't know that someone like him could even exist. Not even in my dreams did I find him. There is no romantic story behind how we met, in fact it's pretty normal & boring. We met during Summer at the local beer garden and from that time we have been together ever since. Weeks of camping & road trips and months of commuting to see each other between Sydney and the Coast only cemented the fact that I never wanted to be without him. I felt myself arrive home every time I saw him. We fell in love fast and things between us moved quickly. We're not the type of people to muck around. We made decisions based on our feelings and not with what made sense or by what was expected. That was us and it continues to be us. We did things our way and some might even say we did things backwards. We started a family, bought a house, got engaged, had another baby and we are now almost ten years since that beautiful warm summers evening when we met. We are yet to actually plan our wedding day, as you can see a few other milestones have taken first place.

My photography is a dedication to the moments that count and to the things that make your heart sing. One day, years from now I want my photographs, prints and albums to be the reason you are smiling.